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Executive Detail

Executive Detail

Our Executive Detailing service includes the complete handwashing of your car’s exterior. Meanwhile, we use clay bar and iron removal treatment to avoid any bonded contaminants. Our experts will also provide you with a complete detailing of your car’s interior with leather and plastic conditioners. After the completion of the service, we apply an external surface protectant. Each chemical we use is based on quality material which is how you can get the best result based on our service. Our Executive Detail packages start at $199.

Executive Detail Plus

When you use our Executive Detail Plus service, we cover each part of your car to provide a complete treatment. From full exterior hand washing to interior detailing, we cover each aspect of the service. Apart from that, we remove all the bonded contaminants from the surface of your car. After that, we apply Ceramic Pro Sport coating to the car’s paint, trim, wheel facings and glass. You will have a six-month guaranteed protection for your vehicles by availing of our Executive Detail Plus package. As a result, you will have a wonderful experience with this package at $299.

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